Cartel shuns Sata’s funeral

IT is shocking that the people who claimed to have been true disciples and loyalists of late president Sata completely shunned the funeral of the former Head of State but were instead engaged in covert and clandestine campaigns to take over the leadership of the PF, Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has charged.

And Ms Kapata has vowed that Patriotic Front (PF) central committee members associated with the cartel working at hijacking the leadership ruling party will be blocked from attending the central committee scheduled to be held in two weeks’ time.

“President Sata died two weeks ago and was buried on Tuesday. What is shocking is that the people who were claiming to be his true disciple have never been seen at any of the mourning venues. They were not at the airport when the body arrived. They have never paid their last respects even to the widow, and they were not at Embassy Park for burial. Now we know that they are just a group of selfish individuals without an agenda for Zambians. We shall never allow them to take over the leadership of the PF because as the secretary general Edgar Lungu has said, the PF will not be sold to the highest bidder,” Ms Kapata said.

She told the Daily Nation yesterday that the cartel had unlimited access to financial resources having abused the privilege of being close to late president Sata were using their dirty money to buy off the ruling party.

Ms Kapata said the PF would allow the cartel to spend as much money as possible but would never allow them to take over the PF because that would be the worst betrayal to the Zambians who know that late president Sata had left them a humble and decent successor.

She said there was a sudden flood of money among cadres but that genuine members of the ruling party were determined to protect and guard the legacy of president Sata who stood for the majority poor Zambians.

She said it was shocking that some newspapers despite eulogies and heaping praises on the late President, the cartel including their legal advisors, were conspicuously missing from all the funeral events. She said a big number of central committee members were aware that there were traitors within the PF’s highest organ aligned to the cartel who were bribing cadres and other party leaders to influence the outcome of the selection process of a presidential candidate.

She said God was alive and would not allow evil men and women take control of the country that was declared a Christian nation.

She said the central committee would make sure that it chose a leader of good moral values and in good standing with the party because this was not the time to make mistakes.

Ms Kapata explained that while she was aware of the fact that the cartel was strong and vicious, she was certain that the PF would not be auctioned to the vultures that had been hovering over Mr Sata’s presidency.

She said that now that president Sata had been buried, the party would aggressively protect and respect his wishes by doing what he would have done had God allowed him to continue living and presiding over the affairs of the country.

“While we were mourning, the cartel was traversing the country campaigning. They have been to a number of provinces asking our cadres and some central committee members to vote for them. They had no shame to launch their campaigns during the period the country was mourning all with the aim of having power at all costs and by whatever means. God is watching them,” Mr Kapata said.

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  1. A people driven Constitution is the only answer for Mother Zambia . As Dr Katele Kalumba had written in one article , the leadership of Zambia still has no sytem of inheritance . What is believed to be succession is only posible when a leader dies as it is in traditional leaders . Let the rule of law take over for Zambia’s sake .

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