PF needs healing

It is not in dispute that the Patriotic Front (PF) needs healing. In fact, the healing should have started a long time ago before the PF members even lost their president, Michael Sata, who was also Republican President.

Those who have followed the PF politics will no doubt remember that the ruling party has not been a united political party.

What kept the PF together was President Sata who was the founding father of the ruling party.

To many, Mr Sata was PF and PF was Sata.

Now that he is gone, deep seated rivalries have been rekindled with no clear efforts at resolution.

If statements being made by various PF political leaders are anything to go by, then ordinary ruling party members are in for a rude shock.

PF members, especially the cadres, appear ready to do anything for the sake of being on the side of those controlling power.

But we appeal to the party to exercise political maturity and honour their founding father through decisions which will sustain their party.

Mr Sata sustained the PF for 10 years in the opposition before Zambians were attracted to its message and voted for it.

We doubt whether Mr Sata would have loved to be voted out of power within the first term.

This is what will happen if the PF will not resolve their problems and go into the Presidential by-election as a united front.

That is why the PF central committee members should come to an understanding that their decisions will either have a negative or positive impact on the standing of the ruling party.

The PF members should urgently resolve their differences otherwise they risk becoming a political party which never completed a five-year term of office.

We say this because in just about two months, Zambians will be going to the polls to elect a new President following the death of President Sata.

Despite not having time on their side, the PF does not seem to have a clear path on how they will participate in the Presidential election.

The PF has many presidential contenders and the process to select one appears to be controversial and mired in confusion.

While some members want the PF Central Committee to pick the party’s presidential candidate, others feel the party’s general conference should be allowed to elect the ruling party’s presidential hopeful.

Whether the PF have the luxury to bicker and procrastinate, only time will tell.