Ex-minister ducks bullet

FORMER Justice Minister and Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s personal bodyguard Mike Samutumwa on Wednesday night shot at former Luapula Province minister Chrispine Musosha, missing him by inches.

Mr Samutumwa was involved in a fight with some unknown people at Long Acres Lodge when the incident happened. And Mr Musosha has demanded for a thorough investigation into his attempted assassination stating that it was shocking that Mr Samutumwa could directly fire a gun at him after picking a quarrel with other people.

Mr Musosha recounted that he had gone to Long Acres Lodge to see a friend and while they were walking outside the lodge, Mr Samutumwa picked a fight with unknown people who were demanding to know why he was at the Lodge.

Mr Samutumwa was apprehended immediately after attempting to kill Mr Musosha and was taken to Woodlands Police Station where his pistol was grabbed and he was later released and taken to the University Teaching Hospital.

The group that manhandled Mr Samutumwa was against his visit at the lodge because they believed he was sent by the cartel to spy on what some members of the ruling party were doing.

Mr Musosha has vowed that if the police and other law enforcement agencies were going to mishandle the case and allow Mr Samutumwa to go scotfree after attempting to kill him (Musosha), he was personally going to hunt down his assailant together with his masters.

He said he was surprised that his assailant was released from police custody but hoped that justice would prevail since he had reported the matter to the police.

“I came to the lodge to see my friend. We stood behind my car and we were talking about a range of things. Suddenly there was a fracas between this man I now know as Mike Samutumwa, the personal bodyguard of Mr Wynter Kabimba and a group of people I do not know. The group was demanding to know why he was at the lodge. In the process they hit him with a stone and he fell to the ground and as he was rising, he produced a pistol and aimed at me. I immediately ducked and I heard the shot hit my car. He was immediately apprehended and taken to Woodlands Police where his gun was taken away from him,” Mr Musosha said.

Mr Musosha said Zambians should be careful with the violence that is being perpetrated because there was a danger that the country could easily degenerate into lawlessness.  He said what saved him was his military background adding that had it been any other person, he would have been killed.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga confirmed that there was a shooting incident at Long Acres Lodge but declined to disclose the names of the people involved. Ms Munganga said about 10 people attacked a man at the lodge and that the suspect sustained a deep cut on the mouth and three teeth were left shaking.

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