Someone please stop those MTN Zambia French lessons

I am sure I am also speaking on behalf of other subscribers over this issue of MTN Zambia and its self-styled French lessons.

There have been other concerned Zambians before who have written to your column to voice their disgust over the same.

Those who have been to French schools (like I have been) will agree that the teaching of French is extensively through conjugation of the verbs, especially the ‘avoir’ and ‘etre’ which form the foundation of French teaching.

Anything else out of this will not do. I am sure MTN Zambia has some people who speak French except that their hands are tied for obvious reasons.

In the name of Holy Moses how do you ask questions in French to people who have never been in a French class?

I know the whole idea was to excite Zambians that they now had an opportunity to learn French.

Most of them do not know that they will learn nothing from these ineffectual lessons.

All what is happening is that MTN Zambia is making money through those sms they (the people) send in their perceived chase to learn French. Totally bizarre!

But even when so many complaints have been sent to the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to try and stop the claptrap nothing has been done.

No wonder some people think there could be something fishy going on for ZITCA surely knows how French is taught in many French schools like the one in Longacres near the UN.

MTN Zambia has no excuse whatsoever for doing what they are doing.

MTN Zambia should instead encourage those who want to learn French to go to proper schools.

My other earnest appeal to MTN Zambia is for them to unsubscribe me from their unbeneficial French lessons.

I already speak French and I do not need their lessons. They really exasperate me.

But the major comedown is our famed ZICTA which appears to be still groping in the dark in as far as doing their work is concerned.

How many times should we complain for it to wake up from its siesta and do something about this situation and many others?

I do not know what powers our Zambia Association of Consumers (ZACA) has.

Perhaps it can seek court redress to bring this disquiet to an ultimate end. Completely nauseating!


Jay Kabemba