ZAMTEL customer care service needs revamping

THE Zamtel customer care services should be overhaul with enhanced technical and human resource support to improve service delivery to the public.

Some Zamtel customers have complained that making an inquiry through its customer care number ‘111’ was almost impossible as the line went unanswered for longer periods.

“It is impossible to get through to the customer care line unless with a lot of patience and waiting for more than 10 minutes,

“I have been trying to call the line since yesterday and after a repeated message from the computerized recording that gives instructions of what I should do, there comes a message that I should try later because the system is down,” Gregory Chama of Lusaka said.

Mr Chama complained that Zamtel customer services were the worst among the three mobile service providers followed by MTN.

He said Zamtel service has been down for almost a week now without any options for the customers to use or an explanation from ZAMTEL.

He charged that the company has in the recent past sponsored a number of foreign musicians to come to Zambia at a huge cost instead of investing in improving service delivery to its customers.

He said as a Government entity, ZAMTEL should have been the best service provider among telecommunications companies in the country, but wondered why company management has failed to utilize their situation. Mr Chama has since demanded that the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) should reprimand service providers who were failing to meet customer expectations especially in providing adequate services.

There have been unending complaints of poor services on the ZAMTEL network which subscribers have blamed on ZICTA for failing to hold the company accountable.

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  1. It is true Zamtel service delivery is very poor. The Company has introduced some products for which they have no capacity to deliver. Internet is very erratic on and off, the 3g service is almost non existent.ZICTA should monitor Zamtel closely.

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