Golden Jubilee Michael Sata train stoning sad

It is regrettable that the newly launched Golden Jubilee Michael Sata express train suffered broken windows resulting from stone thrown onlookers in some compounds in Lusaka.

And Raphael Chota Ward Councilor Joseph Tamba said fighting vandalism should not be left to companies and civic leaders alone..

Mr Tamba said it was unfortunate that such a thing should happen and quickly called for an end to vandalism, especially against public property He  said members of the communities hadthe responsibility to protect public property against negative vices such as vandalism.

“It is unfortunate that we start replacing window panes of the Jubilee Train now before it even makes a complete route on its mission, because some children were throwing stones at the locomotive.

“We need to educate communities and especially the children on their responsibility to protect public facilities from vandalism or any such destruction,” he said.

He explained that members of the public must learn to appreciate public facilities and protect them against illegal activities which only took the country’s development backwards.

He said the Express Train was an improvement to the railway services in Zambia and that people must protect it from such activities as vandalism and other negative acts to destruct its works.

“I cannot blame the children for their action, but only ask parents who live along the line of rail to play their role and help teach the children to stop throwing stones at the train and protect public property in their areas,” he said. He has also appealed to the Church to help speak to their congregations on the responsibilities towards the protection of public property including water taps and the pipes, health posts and the road network, that if damaged, it was the people who suffered the consequences.

“The church leaders can also help us speak to the people on the need to protect public property, because if the structures break down, it is the people who suffer, who will not have water, who will have bad roads and poor healthcare facilities,” he said.

Last week, the Zambia Railways Limited reported during the launch of the newly acquired Golden Jubilee Michael Sata Train that some windows were broken after children threw stones at the locomotive as it made its way from Lusaka to Kabwe for the commissioning.