Sylvia Masebo is lying, say MCCs

MEMBERS of the Central Committee have reacted angrily to a statement issued by Patriotic Front (PF) chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo purporting to report the outcome of the meeting held in Lusaka yesterday.

“WE fear that information is being manipulated and some members serving sectional interest are sacrificing the truth for expediency and political treachery,” they said.

In a statement released by five Central Committee members, the party officials observed that Ms Masebo had no authority to issue a statement purporting to represent the Acting President and the central committee.

“We recognize that only the president and the secretary general are the legitimate spokespersons of the party. The statement issued by Ms Msebo is not a true reflection of the true position of the proceeding of the central committee.

Ms Masebo in her statement said although the Central Committee had resolved that the organ should select the candidate, all aspiring candidates would be allowed to apply for the position of president in the party.

Ms. Masebo said once the presidential aspirants were known, Dr Scott would then hold a meeting with the contenders with a view of reaching consensus on who should contest and avoid going to the general conference.

She said if the candidates would fail to reach consensus, the party would then opt to go for a conference.

“If this option fails, Dr Scott will then consult the Law Association of Zambia or a group of lawyers who are members of Central Committee will deem fit to interpret the party constitution with regard to how a presidential candidate can be adopted,” she said.

Her statement has however been rejected by the Central Committee members because it did not reflect the true position of the proceedings of the meeting.