Common sense will decide, says Scott

ACTING President Guy Scott has declared that the Patriotic Front (PF) will use “common sense” and not the law or indeed the constitution in arriving at the mode of adopting its candidate for the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election.

Dr Scott said his decision to summon all PF presidential contenders and have them choose from among themselves who should be the candidate for the presidential election was outside the party constitution, but defended it as more of common sense rather than following the party constitution.

Dr Scott said it was not always easy for people to reach consensus and that it was his hope that the presidential aspirants would be pragmatic enough to choose a candidate from among themselves instead of using the Central Committee.

But Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba said the aspirants would not accept the idea that a group of five people should be allowed to elect a presidential candidate and insisted that the convention was the most transparent and democratic mode of adopting the candidate.

Addressing journalists at his office when he announced the presidential election date yesterday, Dr Scott said it was more “sensible” for the PF aspiring candidates to ‘’sit as a family’’ and agree who should be adopted as a candidate for the presidential election.

He said if the candidates were going to fail to reach consensus, the last option would be to go for the general conference which according to him could be held next week.

Asked if the delay in adopting the candidate was not disadvantaging the ruling party in campaigns as the opposition political parties had already commenced their campaigns, Dr Scott said he was campaigning through the media by holding frequent press conferences.

“I will meet all the presidential contenders and we will ask them to choose from among themselves who should be the candidate for the presidential election. This is common sense and it is certainly not part of the law. Consensus is not always easy to reach. You can have half consensus or full consensus and if the presidential aspirants will not reach consensus, then we are going for the congress which could be next week,” Dr Scott said.

And Dr Scott has said he is ready to eat his heart following the return of former president Rupiah Banda into active politics.

Dr Scott said he was ready to have his hat cooked so that he could eat it although he feared he would end up in hospital.