Renovation works at UTH near completion

Renovations at the University Teaching Hospital have reached advanced stage with most of the road works already complete, says public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga said that major road works had been done, except for a few super structural works like pavements, speed humps and road markings which should be in place in a few weeks time.

And the decision to rehabilitate the 15 elevators at the health institution has cheered members of the public who were being forced to carry patients up the stairways to specialized clinics and the wards located on upper floors.

“The road works are already complete except for a few finishing touches here and there which include some road markings and paving jobs waiting to be completed,

“We are also doing the drainages as part of the road works within the hospital grounds and joining it to the external drainage lines,” he said.

He explained that works at the new modern car park and the specialized filter have also advanced with major ground works complete.

And Mr Mulenga has disclosed that Government has released funding for the renovation  of all the 15 lifts at the largest health institution in the country.

Mr Mulenga said all the 15 elevators should provide easy accessibility to the top floors which housed among other specialized clinics like the laboratories, maternity and the eye clinics respectively.

“The Ministry of Health has approved the project to rehabilitate the 15 lifts to ease patient movement from the ground floor to the upper quarters of the building,” he said.

He explained that patients have in the past been inconvenienced due to lack of lifts to help them comfortably get to the top floors, adding that it was his hope that the lifts would improve mobility for the patients. Mr Mulenga said the contractor engaged in the works, Voltex Electrical Limited, should be able to complete the job within 33 weeks after which members of the public should be able to use the new and safe elevators around the health facility.

He said the works began at the C-block and then extended to the rest of the hospital including the ones in the maternity ward.

“Works will begin with the lifts in the C-block, and extend to the rest of the hospital including the on-and-off lifts at the maternity wards which are part of the 15 structures around the hospital,” he said.

Last year Government acquired a US $15,000  loan from Saudi Arabia  for the upgrading of the largest health institution in Zambia.


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  1. Dear Daily Nation,

    Thanks for the report. Was the report paid for by UTH, I wonder. I would thionk that you would write a more objective report, based on you own findings of the status of works, rather than simply narrate what you are being told? Where did critical journalism go?

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