Send Scott on forced leave, says Sachika

The Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee should resolve to send on forced leave its acting president Guy Scott in order to resolve the current confusion in the ruling party, says former secretary to the Cabinet Skechley Sachika.

He said Dr Scott had shown political insensitivity and poor judgement in the handling of issues that could in turn result into chaos.

Dr Sachika said what was at stake was politics and a solution could only be found through political compromise, and therefore it was unjustifiable that Dr Scott could act in such a manner.

He said the Central Committee was the governing body of the PF that could only be challenged by the party’s general conference or the aggrieved members in court.

“The Central Committee is mandated to ensure order is restored in the party by sending off Dr Guy Scott on leave,” Dr Sachika said. He alleged that as a party acting President, Dr Scott could not challenge the Central Committee, and therefore was breaching the party constitution.

Dr Sachika believed that the acting PF party president had no political stake to protect, considering that he was not eligible to stand as the President of Zambia.

He said what was needed was order for the sake of the nation’s political stability.