What citizens want Presidential compact of the new President

In the immediate:

1. Form a Government of national character to foster unity in the nation.

Then within six months:

 2. Enact provisions in the Zambian Constitution as per final draft Constitution, which embodies the wishes of the people, pending the bill of rights which requires a referendum.

And in the intermediate preferably within the six months:

3. To institute genuine judicial reforms and re-scrutinise judicial appointments to thwart the appointments of individuals manifestly aligned to sectional interests.

4. To abolish the requirement for an application for leave in judicial review, as this has been abused. It is a constitutional right to access justice. Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago have abolished leave and sufficient interest (Locus standi) concepts, to make justice truly accessible.

5. Repeal repressive laws including the Public Order Act, 2009 NGO Act , Section 67, 69 and all those laws that hamper civil society from surveying the political scene without fear or favour to promote transparency and accountability.

6. To enact the Freedom of Information Bill, providing access to public documents in order to thwart corruption in government especially in public procurement.

7. Appoint commissions of inquiry into (a) suspension of the three judges (b) procurement of fuel stocks thus locking Zambia into expensive fuel (c) taskforce on corruption, regarding expenditure, disposal of exhibits and prosecute abusers.

8. Dismantle the cartel and all its vestiges implanted in governance structures including the Judiciary to ensure that politically aided tax evasion, criminal loan default and abuse of criminal justice system for political ends are eliminated and never countenanced in any form or fashion.

9. Make all institutions of governance including the Police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Judiciary, Investigator General and Auditor General accountable to Parliament to obviate selective and vindictive justice.

10. Appoint a team of experts to examine the plight of students and initiate urgent programmes to ameliorate the deplorable living conditions in institutions of higher learning.

The above will ensure a level playing field for all political parties to participate in the 2016 Presidential and General Elections.