Zambians deserve good Constitution – ZCTU

A PEOPLE-driven Constitution should be put in place to avoid a recurrence of the political circus which the country has witnessed following the death of President Michael Sata, the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has said.

And the ZCTU has urged the in-coming President to resolve the recognition of the Chitimukulu chieftaincy once ushered into office.

ZCTU secretary general Roy Mwaba said some of the nasty situations seen over the past few days would have been avoided if the country had a strong republican Constitution in place.

He said ZCTU had been vindicated over the demand to have a people-driven Constitution which could stand the test of time, seeing the confusion which has characterised who should act or take over the presidency.Mr Mwaba said the new President in January next year should immediately start working on the new Constitution to be enacted before the 2016 general elections.

He also appealed to Government to immediately resolve the impasse on the recognition of the Chitimukulu chieftaincy.

“The issue has remained unresolved for a long time, causing division and disillusionment among the people. We urge the new president to bring all wrangles surrounding the Chitimukulu chieftaincy to an end,” he said.

And Mr Mwaba condemned the squabbles which were being reported in the former ruling MMD and Patriotic Front (PF) Government.Mr Mwaba said it was unfortunate that even the ruling party had internal squabbles.

“The PF should be in the forefront providing leadership and direction to opposition political parties,” he said.

Mr Mwaba said ZCTU would also go ahead with its planned mass demonstration over the wage freeze imposition. He said the congress had resolved to go ahead with the wage freeze protests which were put on hold following the death, funeral and burial of President Sata.

“We would also like to underline the fact that Government has an opportunity to lift the wage freeze and avoid a costly disruption of Government operations if the demonstrations go ahead,” Mr Mwaba said.

He urged Government to start by harmonizing salaries in the civil service to remove salary distortions before talking about salary increases.


“Since the motion to lift the wage freeze was defeated in Parliament, the congress will, this time around petition the acting president through Cabinet Office,” he said.