Liars are back

IT IS clear that those who told lies about the health status of President Michael Sata are back to tell more lies, if they are given a political platform to address Zambians in their quest to assume governance power.

We say lies because the “sudden” death of President Sata cannot just go without questions which rightly deserve answers.

For many months, some senior Government leaders and some family members persistently and consistently deny that some ailment or malady had afflicted the President, despite eye witness reports to the contrary.

If the countless denials about the ill-health of President Sata are anything to go by, then we would have expected the peddlers of lies to sit back and reflect on their mission or rather their omissions when the late head of State was ailing.

But they told lies at every turn possible, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening until President Sata died in London on October 28, 2014 in an effort to cover up what had become an open secret.

Whoever questioned Mr Sata’s health status was rebuked and ridiculed through their friendly media.

Even suggestions that President Sata needed to go on leave, which is provided for in the Zambian constitution, were frowned upon.

When civil rights activist Brebner Changala went to court to seek the intervention of the law so that Mr Sata could be subjected to a medical board, he became the target of malicious statements and was described by the court as a ‘busy body’, and his persona came under heavy attack.

But those who followed President Michael Sata’s last few months will no doubt confess that his was a troubled life.

President Sata was not well in his last few months on earth despite some of those close to him trying to parade him in the public as a physically fit man.

Our expectation from those who were lying was for them to have some shame about their lies and reflect on their statements.

But barely weeks after President Sata’s death and burial, the liars are back in the public domain in their quest to continue in the ruling class.

They want to take over power so that they can continue with their mind games.

What else can we say when some of the people who are now offering themselves for political leadership appear not to be remorseful  but want to catapult themselves into the political fray.

Although these are modern times, this does not allow us to completely run away from our traditional values related to death, burial and succession.

This is the reason why when acting President Guy Scott dismissed Edgar Lungu from the position of Secretary General of the PF shortly after President Sata died, he was resoundingly condemned and criticised, as acting against the norms of the Zambian tradition.

We are not trying to discourage anyone from participating in the political affairs of Zambia but sometimes a little timing and sensitivity is important.

It is too early for some of the people jostling for Patriotic Front power to come in the open after the “sudden” death of President Sata when they always maintained that he was fit as a fiddle.

2 thoughts on “Liars are back

  1. Personally I am ashamed as a Zambian that some people closest to the late president Mr sata can even think of standing in pf fight for presidency .what is happening is a shocker in our culture history ,yet I am not God maybe I am also in for a shock that they are chosen by him to lead.but if they fail they will be.laughing stock for all and shall regret making quick decisions at a wrong time.The truth is pf has lost and new president will come from somewhere mostly if GBM or lungu fail to make will be a simple win by upnd and Mr hh will carry the seems everything is favouring .Scot says mulenga,GBM and lubinda. Can t stand then what remains ,nothing and Zambia is not ready for a woman. President,though Edith nawaki has good qualities and shall make an impact in 2021 and win it looks hh will win.Stanley nsofwa

  2. In as much as they never told the truth,than we are not going to be sure whether the president really died on the 28th of October, 2014.
    It is a possible lie because they lied to us so much-fit as a fiddle.
    The sudden death of the president maybe wasn’t even sudden but known fact even by the mother to say he can’t survive,let him rest.

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