Satas scramble for PF

A SCRAMBLE for the Patriotic Front (PF) presidency has erupted with four Sata family members including the widow Christine Kaseba and her son Mulenga Sata all filing their nomination as candidates for the January 20, 2015 presidential election.

The surprise entrant into the republican presidential race is former first lady Dr Kaseba who has entered into the melee barely a week after her husband, president Michael Sata, was buried at Embassy Park.

The other two family relatives in the presidential race are Miles Sampa who is a nephew to president Sata while Commerce and Trade Minister Bob Sichinga is an in-law following the marriage between his son, Chimwemwe, and President Sata’s daughter Chilufya.

The Daily Nation has been informed that Dr Kaseba had a meeting with Dr Scott before making a decision to be considered for adoption for the PF presidency.

It has been alleged that the Acting President has assured Dr Kaseba of securing her adoption and her election as republican president because Dr Scott did not trust any of the other candidates in the presidential race.

Dr Scott is reported to have told Dr Kaseba that he would only work under her and that the cartel holding the Acting President hostage had approved of the plan and would ensure that the republican presidency was delivered to President Sata’s widow.

There are ten presidential candidates for the ruling party, the highest number of candidates in a single political party in history and of the ten; half the number are family members, making the race for the republican presidency in the PF a family presidential contest.

The other candidates in the presidential race from the PF include Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu, Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Kabwata Member of Parliamentn Given Lubinda, Phangulani Banda, the former High Commissioner to Nigeria Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Wilber Simuusa who is Minister of Agriculture.

What is intriguing also is that Bob Sichunga and his deputy Miles Sampa would be squaring it off for the presidency.

Acting PF secretary general Bridget Atanga confirmed to the Daily Nation that Dr Kaseba, president Sata’s widow had filed her nomination applying to be adopted as a candidate for the January 20 2015 presidential election.

Mrs Atanga said Dr Kaseba filed in her nomination at about 11 hours yesterday and that she was the last applicant at the close of filing in of nominations.

Mrs Atanga said Dr Kaseba had met all requirements to be considered to run for the republican presidency adding the party was not concerned about how the former first lady got to the PF office to file her nomination.

She said it was not important to know who accompanied Dr Kaseba to her office to file her nomination because that was immaterial and unrelated to the qualifications of a presidential candidate.

“I can confirm that Dr Kaseba has successfully filed her nomination to stand as republican president.

“She has met all the PF requirements to qualify and a lot of people have been asking me how she came to file her nomination.

“They have also been asking me who accompanied her but that is not important”.

“We have 10 candidates so far and Dr Kaseba was the last to file her nomination papers.

2 thoughts on “Satas scramble for PF

  1. Mama even if you have the interest,the ambition and the passion to become the President of the citizens of Zambia,the fact is that it is too early for you to stand,it is barely a week when Tata was buried and you have already fully engaged yourself in Active Politics,you would have waited up to 2016,all of those people who had been calling for you to stand,you would have explained to them to say”you’re still considering other things and could only think of coming into politics in 2016.
    This way you will loose credibility.
    Three simple tips to play safe in the game of life:

    1 Don’t promise when you’re happy.
    2 Don’t reply when you’re angry.
    3 Don’t decide when you’re sad

  2. So then where, if at all, was she a section, section head, ward, ward head, councilor, etc.; the qualifications that her husband so often accused HH of not having for HH to stand for president?

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