ZAMTEL disappoints its customers

ZAMTEL mobile phone subscribers on Tuesday  struggled to make calls or access internet services without any explanation from the service provider.

Some subscribers described the ordeal as unfortunate and wondered what could have happened for the company to completely fail to perform to its customers expectations.

Ms Juliet Ngoma of Lusaka West complained that despite having recharged with K20 credit on her SIM card, she could not make any phone calls for some unknown reasons.

Ms Ngoma complained that she was not the only one on the network to complain about the poor services from ZAMTEL.

She said the big disappointing was the failure by the company to offer either notices or explanation for the disruption in services.

“We have had almost no network since last night’s down- pour here in Lusaka, and there is no apology from ZAMTEL to tell us what is happening.

“Instead of asking for forgiveness, they are busy sending promotion messages on how to subscribe for caller tunes,” she said.

Ms Ngoma complained that it had become impossible for ZAMTEL customers to make or receive calls which had noisy voice output, inaudible to the listener.

She said customers experienced high rate of call drop and loss of network on the phone which resulted in the inability to use the services on voice calls or internet services.

Another subscriber Mr Charles Mulenga complained that the calls kept on cutting despite having sufficient credit on his phone account.

Mr Mulenga said many people on the ZAMTEL network had problems using its services, including getting through to the customer care line or the internet without any explanation.

“It seems the management at ZAMTEL has chosen to ignore the major stakeholders, the customers, and they are not paying attention to the quality of services being offered to the subscribers.

‘‘It is unfortunate that our own indigenous company, a Zambian company, is failing to provide value-worth services to the people,” he said.

Another caller said while ZAMTEL was busy supporting sporting activities such as the K250,000 boxing sponsorship, it should also make sure that its customers were also taken care of.

on Tuesday Zamtel mobile phone services experienced a terrible network system  failure.

There was no immediate comment from ZAMTEL management.