LCC should clean up the city

The other day I was passing through Lusaka’s City market and the usual filth greeted me but I suppose it has now become our signature tune and one can hardly be hot and bothered. It is almost our standard way of life.

But there is a spot just where Matero/Lilanda minibuses join Lumumba Road where an illegal cooking place has been established near a ditch which is filled with rotten smelly water.

I just could not believe that people in their right frame of minds can buy food cooked in such unhygienic surrounding with swarms of wet green flies waiting to pounce on the same food. Who is to blame? The poor consumer, of course, who cannot afford a decent meal. It is total insanity. The same scenario obtains at the Stanley Bar on Freedom Way where street ruffians have completely taken over the place to sell all kinds of beers and foodstuffs, as usual, in a dirty setting while our mighty Lusaka City Council is looking on with folded arms.

Surely we may not have a somber Government as of now but this is out of the ordinary, atrocious and mind-bogglin.

Disgusted Lusaka resident