Miyanda wants discipline in Zambia

HERITAGE Party president Godfrey Miyanda says he is well prepared to take over Government and ensure that discipline is restored in the governance of the nation.

And Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Dan Pule has promised that he will introduce free medical services and free education should Zambians vote for him in the January 20, 2015 presidential election.

Brigadier-General Miyanda said if the people of Zambia trusted him, he would deliver to their expectations because he was a disciplined leader.

“Give me chance to lead the nation, I will be your truthful and trusted servant. I will bring discipline to governance, I will ensure that resources of the country are shared equitably,” he said.

Gen. Miyanda said for him to realise the dream of making Zambia a better country to live in, Zambians should vote for him in the forthcoming presidential by-election. He said the people of Zambia had a responsibility to claim their right of inheritance because it was not a preserve of certain individuals.

Gen Miyanda said it was time for the people of Zambia to do themselves a favour by pursuing a common destiny.

“These steps are essential if we are to work with one another as a people, claim our inherinatnce and build a strong nation with a sustainable economy. We believe it is time for Zambians to do ourselves a favour and pursue our commorn destiny. But  this will only be achieved when Zambians find their self-confidence both as individuals and as a people and discard their petty prejudices against one another,” he said. He said the inheritance was not for individuals and families in power or in leadership but for all the people of Zambia.

And Dr Pule has promised that he will introduce free medical services and free education from Grade 1 to 12 should Zambians vote for him in the January 20, 3015 presidential election.

Dr Pule said that he is poised to win the  election because God has given Zambians a chance to correct the mistakes made by the Patriotic Front (PF) in the three years it has been in power.

He said although he supported President Michael Sata and the PF, he was aware that Zambians were greatly disappointed with the ruling party for having failed to fulfill most of its mega promises and that time had come for the country to redeem itself by voting for the Christian Democratic Party.

Announcing his bid to contest the January 20, 2015 presidential election, Dr Pule, a tele-evangelist, said his victory would only be possible with the help of God. He said once elected, he was going to form government based on the Christian and biblical principles stating that the country would not be able to economically and technologically develop without seeking the hand of God.

Dr Pule said having worked in the Ministry of Finance as deputy minister, he had gained enough experience to know how best to plan for the country and that Zambians would have the best president in him.

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  1. General,Zambia needs progress and development.We need infrastructure like universities in all 9 provinces.We need good roads so people do not die.Do not see Zambia in the eyes of a Military bout camp.

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