Patronizing Superiority

The patronizing superiority being exhibited by Dr. Guy Scott is totally unacceptable.

It is inconceivable that he could single-handedly, without consulting the Central Committee organize a congress of more than 5,000 delegates for a party  that has no organized register and boasts of a membership without cards.

It is a matter of concern that Dr. Guy Scott has seemingly mobilized resources single-handedly to organise the Patriotic Front General Meeting as if it is a personal concern.

The total disregard of the Central Committee which should serve as the apex decision-making body of the party in between the General Conference is not only worrying but of serious concern that external forces may be at play.

We do not believe that the money is coming from Dr. Scott’s personal resources, not even from his business.

If Dr. Scott is not consulting the Central Committee, who is he consulting and from whom is he getting the money to provide the logistics to arrange the conference that will be held in Kabwe?

 The impression being created that Dr. Scott can single-handedly disregard a body that was constituted by President Sata suggests a very serious superiority complex that many Zambians will not appreciate.

The condescending and cavalier approach to public affairs betrays a character which perhaps President Michael Sata was aware of and hoped against hope would not be exhibited to the Zambians people.

The greatest tragedy is that while these maneuvers played out in full view of the nation may produce the pre-planned results, the damage and injury to our democracy will be long lasting, it may even lead to the extinction of the party.

The reason is simple.

The sudden demise of President Michael Sata and the unseemly haste with which his structures are being dismantled is a matter that will continue to haunt those that are seen to be embracing the very same people that the President distanced himself from.

President Sata embraced Edgar Lungu for a reason but if current events are anything to go by every effort is being made to either distance him or indeed remove him from the equation of national governance.

This is in spite of a matter before our courts of law that is questioning the legitimacy with which the appointment made by the President was revoked. There is no question that while he was alive President Sata made Edgar primus inter pares a Cabinet Minister above others. He elevated him beyond Dr. Scott. He made him Minister of Defence, Justice and Secretary General of Party. If this was not trust what was it?

More importantly why did Mr. Sata do that?

 Why did Mr. Sata distance the party from the very people who are now appearing to be calling the shots including the orchestration of names of Presidential candidates.

A study of the PF constitution will clearly indicate that Mr. Sata insulated himself against any possible challenges hence the overwhelming powers vested in that office and perhaps the appointment of Dr. Scott, a friend as Vice President.

In the last few months the dynamics had shifted dramatically. The dismissal of Wynter Kabimba is one such significant departure indicative of his wish to give new direction and vision to the people. He was distancing it from those who held him in bondage and hostage for the support rendered in ensuring his victory.

The break was as palpable as it was public and mourned by those who lost contact with power and influence.

The anger from those who lost influence was equally evident. They called him names and questioned his wisdom.

There is no reason to doubt the fears expressed by many Zambians that people with vested interests have hijacked the party to ensure that their  favorite candidate will be adopted, to provide them protection against the theft and plunder they have occasioned to this country.

As we have said before, they may win again but not all people will be fooled all the time, chickens will come to roost at an appropriate time. Escape is impossible.