PF general conference is illegal

A member of the PF Central Committee says the PF general conference is an illegal undertaking being spearheaded by Acting President Guy Scott and has no blessings of the Central Committee.

Central Province chairman Benson Chali said the party constitution states that only the Central Committee has powers to set the date for the general  conference but Dr. Scott was running the party by decree and had sat down with his cartel to dictate to the party’s highest organ.

He also condemned the decision of the general conference picking the presidential candidate because a precedent had been set when Mr. Sata was endorsed by the Central committee to contest the by election following the death of President Levy Mwanawasa in 2008.

The PF Central Province chairman said that after the death of President Michael Sata, Dr. Scott banned all Cabinet and Central Committee meetings until the one that was held on Monday.

He wondered who sanctioned the date and where the money for the venue has come from because earlier, party treasurer Emmanuel Chenda said the party had no money.

“It is only the Central Committee that can sit down and prepare to hold the general conference but Dr. Scott banned all meetings until the Monday one where he walked out after sensing that if the motion of holding the conference is subjected to a vote, he was going to lose. Additionally, in 2008 when Mr. Mwanawasa died, we did not call for a general conference; so why this time around?” wondered Mr. Chali.

He also accused Dr. Scott and his cartel of registering fake delegates to the conference.

Mr Chali said right from the date Mr. Sata died, Dr. Scott’s team had allegedly been accommodating people in hotels in Lusaka whom they have also been registering so that they could attend the party’s general conference and make their preferred candidate to win fraudulently.

He further warned that Dr. Scott’s arrogance if left unchecked had the potential to destroy the PF.

Meanwhile a source at Mulungushi University in Kabwe has confirmed the booking and payment for the venue at Mulungushi Rock of Authority for 27th November.

The source did not disclose how much was paid but that the venue was run as a commercial entity and anyone was free to use it for as long as they paid to the university who are the owners.

During the convention, delegates will be expected to choose the Presidential candidate for the 20th January Presidential by-election following the death of president Sata in a London hospital on 28th October 2014.

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  1. ARTICLE 58
    The Central Committee shall have the following powers and functions:
    (c) Enforcing discipline among members and officials of the Party;
    (g) Initiating, whenever possible, Party policies for consideration by the National Councilor the General Conference;
    (k) Summoning regular or extraordinary meetings of the National Councilor the General Conference;

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