Church must Intervene

ZAMBIA is on the brink of violence and collapse because of three people. 

This country is on the verge of a major crisis and unless the church intervenes physical violence which may result in bloodshed is inevitable.

The entire vice president, Dr. Guy Scott, is failing to consult with his Central Committee and chooses instead to seek counsel from a greatly discredited cartel that has shown little respect for common national good.

Sadly this is done in a duplicitous manner which has annoyed many Zambians and is now bound to result in conflagration that will engulf the entire country if not well managed.

Two days ago a scheduled Central Committee meeting was cancelled by Dr. Scott on account of a bogus and non-existent court injunction.  This was a  lie as no such injunction had been granted by the court.

This was intended to mislead members of the Central Committee and in the process avoid a scheduled meeting.  Todate no apology or explanation has been offered by Dr. Scott or indeed his newly-appointed team of supporters for this dishonest conduct

Annoyed by this duplicity other members of the Central Committee proceeded to meet and suspend him from the party for abrogating the constitution in single-handedly organizing the national conference which is the preserve of the Central Committee.

Instead of showing remorse Dr. Scott has chosen the path of confrontation, ignoring duplicity and instead surrounding himself with hand picked officials ignoring the reality that Central Committee members were in Lusaka waiting to meet and resolve contention over the conference.

This duplicity does not bode well for the party and has now the potential of creating a deep crisis that neither Dr. Scott nor any other senior members may contain as tempers flare and emotions overflow.

We are concerned that two clear factions have developed within the Patriotic Front both of which claim legitimacy from the party constitution.

On one hand is Dr. Scott who has decided to proceed and convene a party conference without the approval, support and requisite concurrence of the Central Committee as provided for in the PF constitution under Article 58(K).

Frustrated members of the Central Committee have reacted in kind by suspending Dr. Scott for abrogating the constitution by unilaterally cancelling Central Committee meetings and thereby denying other members their legitimate right to participate in the life, organization and policy formulation function of the committee.

Dr. Scott rightly claims that the Central Committee has no power to convene without his authority while members of the committee contend that he has also abrogated the constitution and must be disciplined accordingly.

The result is a very dangerous stalemate which unless resolved could see the two sides clash, resulting into extended violence across the country.

The truth is that the president has no power to convene the meeting he is calling.  Similarly the Central Committee may have acted precipitously in anger and frustration.

Both sides are claiming legitimacy from the constitution and like all legal and social arguments the two sides are both right and wrong because they fail to take in the holistic picture of the situation, preferring instead to promote sectional interest, some of them based on naked power interest.

We appeal to the Church to move with expedition and bring sanity and reason to prevail.

A sense of sobriety and most importantly national interest must be brought to bear on the two factions so that the greatest good for the country will prevail.

We are greatly saddened that becouse the demise of President Michael Sata the country should be at the cusps of national calamity due to poor political leadership which he unfortunately may not have envisaged.

Like all other conflicts in Africa nations have sunk to ruin, despair and failed states because a few individuals with selfish agenda were allowed to put their interests first before the country.

Zambians should not allow this to happen.

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  1. All the blame for this mess lies squarely on Sata’s head. He made it clear that he had useless ministers and MP’s but took no steps to mitigate the fights within his party. Sata could have groomed a successor had he wanted avoiding all this circus.

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