Lusaka’s business district in garbage collection poser

COLLECTION of garbage in Lusaka’s central business district has virtually collapsed, resulting in huge heaps of uncollected waste.

This is despite the efforts made by the Lusaka City Council to clean the capital prior to Zambia’s Golden Jubilee celebrations last month.

Some residents have criticized the Lusaka City Council (LCC) for failing to maintain the city’s cleanliness after the Jubilee clean-up programme that included the street vendors.

Mr Mofya Chipili said the council had failed to follow up its programme of ‘‘Keeping Lusaka Clean’’ in line with the 50 years Jubilee commemoration programme which started in October 2014.

“Garbage has returned to the City of Lusaka hardly a month after the Jubilee clean-up exercise which saw the participation of everybody  as they celebrated the 50 years of independence.

“But now huge heaps of rubbish are piling up at every street corner like Katondo street /Freedom Way without any reaction from the council,” he said.

He explained that after the clean-up around the central business district, the council should have taken up the responsibility to avoid rubbish from accumulating anywhere around town.

He said it should have been easy for the council to follow-up with strategies that supported the ‘‘Keep Lusaka Clean’’ programme instead of completely turning a blind eye to the situation.

Mr Chipili, a resident of Lusaka’s Rhodespark area, said the community based companies which used to collect garbage in residential areas should have been engaged to clean-up the town centre.

“Even street vendors can contribute a small amount of money to community collection of garbage, a plan which can be devised by the authorities, but with the current situation, it becomes evident they have failed waste management,” he said.

He charged that it was no wonder LCC have failed to effectively manage the problem of waste in compounds.

Mr Chipili has since appealed to the local authorities to enhance its approach to waste management as well as engage some members of public in the cleaning exercise.