Nevers drags MMD to court

EMBATTLED opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba has sued his party in the Lusaka High Court to challenge his suspension and the candidacy of former republican president Rupiah Banda in the January 20, 2015 by-election.

Dr Mumba who has maintained that his suspension was illegal, has taken MMD to court and the matter is expected to be heard today.

The MMD chief has continued disputing his suspension and says he has established that the purported meeting held to suspend him was not a NEC meeting.

Reacting to his suspension last week  which almost turned the MMD secretariat into a battle field between his supporters and the other camp, Dr Mumba  said his suspension was a “side show” and an illegality that would be challenged.

“Therefore, even before talking of whether NEC has power to suspend me or not, the fact that the meeting that purported to suspend me was illegal makes the suspension unconstitutional and as lawyers would say, it is null and void, ‘ab anitio’ that is, from the beginning,” Dr Mumba was quoted