‘Scott front for cartel’

THE cartel that had been holding former president Michael Sata hostage for the last three years is still in control and is now holding Acting President Guy Scott captive and the decisions being made are in consultation with the clique, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has charged.

Mr Changala accused Dr Scott of being a hallmark of dictatorship after more than two decades of the country’s democracy and his current actions on how to govern the country were being dictated by an infamous group known as the notorious cartel.

But when contacted, Dr Scott refused to talk to this reporter charging that he does not give interviews to the Daily Nation.

“Can I help you, no! no! No, I do not give interviews to the Daily Nation, good bye,” Dr Scott said before cutting the line.

Mr Changala said he was aware beyond doubt that Dr Scott was a front in the PF and that his duty was to ensure that the candidate chosen by the cartel was adopted as a presidential candidate for the January 20, 2015 presidential election. He said as a front, Dr Scott was carrying out some unscrupulous mandate on behalf of the cartel that was determined to ensure that power did not leave their hands. “For how else can one explain his conduct and unbecoming behaviour towards Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu who has been unanimously accepted by the general membership of the PF. Mr Lungu is without doubt a front runner in the PF and Dr Scott is determined to knock out the Defence and Justice Minister from the presidential race so that the cartel’s preferred candidate could be adopted,” Mr Changala said.

He said there was no logic or any iota of common sense for Dr Scott and his cartel to have mounted such an aggressive campaign against Mr Lungu who was the favourite in the ruling party.

Mr Changala said Dr Scott and his clique had under the cover of darkness managed to entice president Sata’s widow still in mourning to contest the presidency of the PF, throwing out of the window all the traditional and cultural beliefs of the country.

He said Dr Kaseba had been enticed to violate the country’s traditional values and beliefs because of the propensity by the cartel to hold onto power at any cost and at the expense of peace and security of the country.

He warned that the PF was headed for total defeat in the coming presidential election if they were going to impose a candidate on the electorate because Mr Lungu was the only candidate that could ensure victory for the ruling party.

“In Mr Lungu, the PF have a chance of retaining the presidency and therefore remain in governments yet they have gone flat out scandalising and demonizing their best choice.  The slander and propaganda against Mr Lungu has been instigated by the cartel and the sooner the cartel is dismantled the safer for the PF. Dr Scott is playing a Muppet show for the cartel but this is a country and Zambians must reject the thearitrics being played by Dr Scott. My biggest worry is that Dr Scott’s actions have the potential to polarise and compromise our security as a nation,” Mr Changala said.

He said Dr Scott and the cartel had done enough damage to the country since the demise of President Sata and that time must come when the ruling party must make a firm decision and expel the Acting President from the party.

He said Dr Scott had exhibited dangerous traits of unreasonable and ruthless dictatorship by running government and the PF as an individual at the exclusion of Cabinet ministers and Central Committee members.

“It is also without any shadow of doubt that President Sata never allowed Dr Scott to act as president because he knew that the Acting President was a man of erratic characteristics. In the last two weeks, Dr Scott has literally hijacked the country through the PF which should not be allowed in a democratic country. I urge the people of Zambia through various institutions to protect Zambia because Dr Scott is determined to kill the PF if the cartel is not going to get what it wants,” Mr Changala said.