UNIP ready for second rule-Kaunda

United National Independence Party (UNIP) says it feels rejuvenated and ready to free Zambians from the economic bondage that the country finds herself in .

     UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda said yesterday the independence party was ready for the presidential by-election slated for January 20, 2015.

He said UNIP would fight for the economic independence of the country as it did when fighting colonialism.

Mr Kaunda said the fight at hand was not colonial in nature but instead for the independence from economic bondage that had entrenched the lives of the people.

“We are rejuvenated as a party because there is serious cause for us to wake up, considering the shackles of political and economic injustices that have characterized Zambia today. We are saying enough is enough and we have sat for too long in the terraces watching the tides of politics in the country’’.

Mr Kaunda said UNIP believed that the country must industrialise, which was key to sustainable development for the country.

He said the country had been offered a lot of resources that had

Mr Kaunda said industrialization was the only sustainable source   of employment, adding that most of the industries that were created during the UNIP government were still the ones with major sources of employment in the country.

He said Zambia had potential to bring about remarkable change to its people through the election of UNIP back into power.

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  1. Oh Yeeeeeeeeeees! I wanted to hear this. Yeeeeeeees. Under UNIP there was no Lozi,Bemba,Tumbuka,Tonga. We wee all Zambians. Yeeeeeees TK 4wad.

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