Voting PF suicidal, says FDD

It will be political suicide for Zambians to vote back a Patriotic Front president after the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election, says Forum for Democracy and Development Copperbelt chairperson Yotam Mtayachalo.

He said with the confusion going on in the ruling party, Zambians should avoid voting for the continued stay of the PF in Government.

“Right now we do not even know who is in charge, whether it is acting President Dr Guy Scott or if it is the other camp.

“Evidently, they have showed that they are unable to manage party affairs, and if we allowed PF to continue in power after January 20, 2015 elections, it is will be suicidal,” he said.

Mr Mtayachalo said Zambians should stand up and demand for the resignation of the PF from Government so that people with a direction could be allowed to manage the country’s affairs.

He said Zambians must not think the confusion in the ruling party was by any chance normal, so as to allow the PF to keep ruling them.

“We are watching all that which is happening and we stand akimbo allowing this confusion to continue, as if it is something normal. How can they manage national affairs like this?” Mr Mtayachalo asked.

He said the Zambian people were first witnesses to the PF confusion with on-going suspensions, and that the wrangles would not end even if they were voted back into Government.

Mr Mtayachalo said political parties should not be given a mandate to govern Zambia based on the period of time they have been in office, but on their ability to deliver.

He has since called on all progressive Zambians including the civil society organisations (CSOs), the labour movement, university students and members of the general public to join hands and kick out the PF from Government by voting for another government to take the country forward.

“Right now, the PF leadership is currently being preoccupied with State House instead of looking after existing Government programmes including roads, money to pay farmers and the students‘ outstanding allowances,” he said.