Chief Mukuni calls for review of safari and hunting policy

A traditional leader in Southern Province has urged Governmnet to review the safari and hunting policy if indigenous people are to benefit from it.

Chief Mukuni of the Toka-Leya people of Kazungula district said that the current policy did not favour the local people. Speaking to journalists in Livingstone recently after the grand opening of the Golden Pick Hotel, Chief Mukuni said that he personally felt that the safari and hunting licences which were banned should not be lifted because locals did not benefit from the programme.

He said there was very little that the locals benefitted from the current situation in as far as safari and hunting was concerned.

“There is need for Governmnet to revisit the current safari and hunting policy because the local people are not seeing the benefits of this policy.  The local people need to benefit from policy,” said Chief Mukuni. “These people who get safari and hunting licences are selfish because they eventually take away the money to their respective countries, leaving our people in abject poverty,” said the chief. Chief Mukuni said; “What I would like to see personally is that the hunting licences should not have been lifted because we are not benefiting despite being owners of these wild animals being hunted.” And Chief Mukuni has expressed concern over the high levels of poaching by the locals in the national parks. He said that if the siatuation was not addressed, it had the potential to impact negatively on the tourism sector.

“Poaching has become a serious concern to many of us and if the siatuation is not addressed, it has potential to negatively affect our tourism sector.’’