Katumbi denies funding Kaseba

KATANGA Governor, Moses Katumbi, has dismissed allegations that he was bankrolling the presidential campaign of Christine Kaseba, the widow of former president Michael Sata.

In a brief statement issued from London through his lawyers, William Nyirenda of Kitwe, Mr Katumbi stated that he had respect for the sovereignty of Zambia and did not want to interfere in its internal affairs. He said he did not want to be dragged into Zambia’s politics and should therefore be left alone.

“I wish to state that Zambia is a sovereign state and its citizens exercise their rights within that sovereign state. No outsider therefore can and should be allowed to interfere with the rights of Zambian citizens,’’ read the brief statement from the DRC billionaire. Mr Katumbi stated that he was not funding any candidate including Dr Kaseba.

“I categorically deny neither ever funding nor promising any funds to Dr. Kaseba to finance her presidential ambitions. Therefore there is no truth in the allegations made in certain sections of the media.’’