Opposition backs HH

A SECRET registration and accreditation of delegates for the Patriotic Front (PF) general conference scheduled for Saturday this week has been exposed.

Speech for Growth executive director Wallace Kalungu has accused some senior PF officials of being involved in the secret registration and accreditation of delegates and has since reported the matter to police.

But the officials have denied getting involved in the clandestine exercise meant to disadvantage other presidential aspirants particularly Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu who has emerged the favourite in the presidential race.

Mr Kalungu said his organisation had witnessed busloads from Southern Province carrying purported delegates to the PF general conference.

He said in a statement that the purported PF delegates were loaded in a bus on Monday but that alert and genuine PF cadres waylaid and blocked the bus on the Kafue Flyover Bridge which resulted into a fierce fight leaving a number of them injured.

Mr Kalunga said buses carrying purported delegates had been arriving from other provinces into Lusaka and were allegedly reporting to some PF leaders where money for accommodation and other logistics for the general conference was being distributed.

He alleged that the fake delegates were then being taken to a known place where the clandestine registration and accreditation was being conducted.

He said his organisation was deeply concerned with the electoral corruption and malpractice in the PF and had been compelled to report the matter to police so that those involved could be investigated.

Mr Kalunga said the conduct of the two PF officials had the potential to spark violence in the party and create political instability in the country hence promote the breakdown in the rule of law.

He appealed to Acting President Guy Scott to ensure democracy, transparency and openness in the process of selecting and adoption of the PF presidential candidate and warned that failure to do so would plunge the country into chaos and instability.

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