RB best to unite Zambia-MMD

FORMER president Rupiah Banda is a perfect candidate for the transitional period the country is going through because he has the ability to unite the country that has been deeply divided and on the brink of sliding into political turmoil, MMD presidential campaign spokesperson Lucky Mulusa has said.

He said the MMD had carefully considered the current political and economic challenges the country was going through and had come to the conclusion that Zambia was in turmoil with its citizens deeply divided.

Mr Mulusa said the country had lost its international credibility in the three years the Patriotic Front (PF) had been in power and that Zambians have the opportunity to correct the mistake they made in 2011 by giving president Banda the mandate to govern the country in the next one and a half years.

He said under the PF Zambians had lost their pride as citizens because of the poor governance style of the PF leadership which he said had gravely damaged the country’s economy.

The challenges Zambia was facing did not need a leader who would start learning the job of president and that president Banda would in the next one and a half years fix the economy without concentrating on making himself marketable for the 2016 general election.

He stated that Zambia did not need a leader that would make ‘‘grand and flamboyant’’ promises that could not be fulfilled within the one year six months transition period.

“We feel that Zambia needs someone who will concentrate on correcting the wrongs committed by the current Government in their three years of misrule, while delivering a people-driven Constitution. We also need someone to unify the nation by removing the regional and tribal polarization that has engulfed the nation,” Mr Mulusa said.

Mr Mulusa said Mr Banda lost the September 2011 general elections and peacefully handed over power; president Banda fitted the bill for the transitional leader who could prepare the country for uninterrupted governance of the jubilee leaders.

He stated that the MMD was currently in a comatose and that the demise of political parties was not good for democracy, adding that the coming back of president Banda would save the MMD from extinction.

He said Mr Banda became a victim of vicious and malicious campaign by a group of individuals who in 2008 failed to impose a candidate of their choice and that the propaganda against the former head of state was sustained for three years while the same group cleansed and rebranded former president Michael Sata.

Mr Mulusa said president Banda was capable of healing the nation because the former president strongly believed in peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.

And the MMD has with immediate effect disbanded its Copperbelt Province interim executive for failing to meet its mandate and that the former ruling party would soon be constituting a new team to lead the region.