Scott urged to ensure peace

The Church has advised acting Republican President Guy Scott to show leadership by ensuring that there is unity in the country.

Presence of God Ministry international senior pastor Apostle Christopher Kunda said Dr Scott should unite the country and the Patriotic Front.

Pastor Kunda said Dr Scott should revisit his position on national matters which have proved unpopular to the majority and bring unity in the party.

He said under the leadership of Dr Scott, the ruling party was experiencing misunderstandings that had disturbilise the country’s peace and tranquility.

“Dr Scott should revisit his position and bring peace to the party by agreeing to reach a compromise, to flow with what the majority want.

‘‘If he does not unite the party today, they will lose their position as the party in Government,” Apostle Kunda said.

The clergyman explained that in a democracy, majority decisions should be allowed to prevail and at the moment, it was evident that the majority of PF member already had a preferred candidate whom they needed to provide support or risk facing eviction from the Government. Apostle Kunda said the PF has failed to show leadership to unite the country.

And Apostle Kunda has advised former President Rupiah Banda to continue with his retirement and play the role of a national counsellor especially with the intra party wrangles in the PF and the opposition MMD party.