Zambians not interested in PF wrangles – Chipimo

ZAMBIANS are not interested in the internal wrangles of the Patriotic Front government, National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo, Jr has said.

Mr Chipimo has advised the PF leadership to stop the squabbling and in-fighting adding that the ruling party should be seen leading by example.

He said PF leaders should remember that the nation is looking for genuine leaders to take the nation beyond its year of Jubilee.

“We need a leader who will rise above partisan inclinations and concern themselves with how the long-suffering majority can look to a brighter future,” he said.

Mr Chipimo said PF should give Zambians the comfort that they can manage the transition in a mature and unselfish manner.

He described as bad, the confusion which had rocked PF over the last few weeks.

“We have seen the nasty side of the struggle for power among the leaders of the Patriotic Front. Normally, what a political party does in its own time is its own business. “However, what a party entrusted with the power to govern does, becomes the nation’s business,” he said.

Mr Chipimo said it was of grave concern to see individuals that Zambians had assumed were managing the nation’s affairs fighting and squabbling over who will lead them in the next general election this January.

One thought on “Zambians not interested in PF wrangles – Chipimo

  1. UNZA Bursaries will not be increased. The people of Zambia no longer want empty and fake promises from HH and his small clique tribal UPND because the PF Government has already introduced Bursary Scheme Loans to Students at UNZA and CBU.

    We are tired of political paragons who criticize everything just because they are not the ones in control. I term as very primitive politics. Please HH stop DECEIVING ZAMBIANS you can not win and if so, where?

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