‘Conference will kill PF’

THE general conference for the Patriotic Front (PF) slated for Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe may just prove to be the grave yard of the ruling party, Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has warned.

Fr Bwalya said the general conference to take place this weekend was a formality whose outcome had already been determined.

Fr Bwalya stated that the people who are holding power in the country, especially presidential power, would do everything possible to ensure that the candidate they had chosen emerged victorious at the general conference.

The ABZ leader said that in Zambia, general conferences or conventions where party leaders or presidential candidates were “elected” were hardly ever genuine because the results were predetermined.

He said the only genuine and credible convention was the first Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) conference that saw the election of then president Frederick Chiluba adding that all the other conventions Zambia had witnessed over the years were smoke-screens for something already agreed.

Fr Bwalya refuted claims by Acting President Guy Scott that former president Michael Sata refused to be handpicked by the Central Committee as presidential candidate for the 2011 tripartite elections.

He told the Daily Nation that Dr Scott was not being truthful by claiming that former president Sata opted to be elected at the general conference, adding that the truth of the matter was that the former head of state had already been endorsed as a candidate on the PF ticket for the September 2011 general elections.

“We think that PF should wake up and refuse to be dictated to by evil people whose interests have always been criminal. These evil people do not care about the unity of the PF. They have always thrived on the confusion in the PF and when the ruling party is finally destroyed, these evil people will summersault and go elsewhere.

“The PF extraordinary general conference slated for this weekend at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe is going to be a formality whose outcome has already been determined. Our fear is that the PF general conference may just prove to be the graveyard for the ruling party,” Fr Bwalya said.

He said that once the PF was ‘dead and buried’ by the evil people in the PF, it would be the innocent members who had suffered for the ruling party that would lose because the evil people would have moved on.

“We therefore make a last minute appeal to the good people and leaders in the PF to see the writing on the wall and take a pro-active decision before they are used as rubber stamps by the evil people,” Fr Bwalya said.

The ABZ leader said he was speaking with authority that President Sata was never elected at the PF general conference but handpicked because he (Fr Bwalya) was one of the non-members of the ruling party who were appointed to serve on the electoral commission of the party.

He disclosed that many of the people who were sympathizing with the PF at the time justified the lack of a democratic election at the 2011 general conference as a way of safeguarding the unity of the party ahead of the September 2011 tripartite elections.

He recalled that after president Sata had dissolved the Central Committee and nominations took place, the process was not followed by anything one would call an election.

“The bottom line is that Sata was endorsed and after that he immediately went ahead to re-appoint all the members of the Central Committee.

People who attended the general conference will remember very well that when Mr Sata used the term reinstating the MCCs, I corrected him by whispering in his ear not to use the term reinstate but appoint”, Fr. Bwalya said.



So when Dr Scott says otherwise, he wants to mislead the public and the PF members in his effort to drag the ruling party into unnecessary general conference,” Fr Bwalya said.