Scott’s attitude racist – Sacika

GUY Scott’s patronizing, condescending and outright racist attitude towards fellow members of the Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee is totally unacceptable,   former Secretary to Cabinet Sketchley Sacika has said.

Mr Sacika said the PF had become a victim of Dr Scott’s colonial mentality of ‘bwana district commissioner’ under which the belief that a white man was superior to a black man was being peddled.

Mr Sacika said it was wrong for Dr Scott to treat PF national chairperson Inonge Wina and the other 15 who were suspended as if they were his personal servants whom he could threaten, humiliate and publicly order to apologise for having dissenting views.

He said it was unbelievable that Dr Scott could block and chase the PF Central Committee members in full view of the press as if they were little children.

He said it was unacceptable for Dr Scott to brand the Central Committee members who were opposed to his style of governance as renegades.

Mr Sacika further said it was incorrect for Dr Scott to justify his racist conduct towards Zambians citizens in the PF on the grounds that he was upholding the ruling party’s constitution.

He charged that it was shameful that some of the Central Committee members in the PF were abetting Dr Scott’s racist conduct.

He said Dr Scott was a descendant of the colonisers who held the view that a white man was superior to a black man.

“A leopard will never change its spots. Guy Scott is a descendant of the imperialists and colonisers who held the view that a white man was superior to a black man and this is showing in the way the Acting President is conducting himself. The days of Bwana District Commissioner are back with us in full force and the PF has become a victim of Dr Scott’s colonial mentality. Dr Scott’s attitude towards his fellow members of the Central Committee is patronizing, condescending, outright racist and unacceptable”, Mr Sacika said.

Mr Sacika stated that it was unacceptable that after 50 years of independence, Ms Wina and the 15 who were suspended could be subjected to such humiliating treatment from Dr Scott.

Mr Sacika wondered why the Central Committee members could allow themselves to be bamboozled, manipulated, and despised when their position on the succession process in the PF was stronger than that of Dr Scott.

He warned that Ms Wina and other Central Committee members would have no future in the PF if they allow Dr Scott to have his way on how to run the ruling party.  He cautioned that Dr Scott was going to get rid of all the Central Committee members whom he did not agree with at an opportune time if they were not going to call the Acting President’s bluff. Mr Sacika said all the Central Committee members not in good standing with Dr Scott should call his (Scott) bluff and tell him that they would never accept the person the Acting President was intending to impose as a candidate for the January presidential election.

“Their best bet is to call Guy Scott’s bluff and tell him that they will never accept the person he intends to impose on them and declare they will not support him or her in the presidential by-election next year. What is at stake is for Ms Inonge Wina and company to take back the PF from Guy Scott and reposition themselves properly for the 2016 general elections,” Mr Sacika said.

2 thoughts on “Scott’s attitude racist – Sacika

  1. You point one finger at Scott, you don’t see your own three fingers pointing at you. pathetic, rhetoric and baseless. You will never be democratic if you do not follow the constitution. I hope you are the last one to call Scott a racist being second to namugala (the mp). You empty tins… when are you going to respect the law of your own land. Just because Scott is white, & he is a decendant of a white family, to you he is racist. Sacika, you should know that the so called Central committee were not in good standing with the constitution not with Scott. Their meetings were illegal & besides they have apologised and pls. let them move on with the conversion. Bygones are lying. Some brains!!! ata se

  2. Mr Sachika is correct. Zambians lets think twice. We ar even proud that Zambia is the only country to be ruled by a descendant of a colonialist in 20 years. Can a black man become president in Scotland, Uk or Europe? Others give examples of USA is Obama a black man? Only those who are color blind would say a black man. He is not a black man he is a colored. Jackson a real black man was rejected in USA because of race. Why shud Msisika, Musenge abuse their powers to bring this man to act? Infact Msisika could be a Malawian, we do not have Misisika in Zambia not even in Eastern province. They will answer in court soon. Zambia is under colonial master for 90 days. The stone which is a corner stone has been rejected said Our Lord Jesus, so we have rejected Edgar to act.Anyway he wil be President soon. Mr. Sakala continue telling the nation without fear of favour. Your paper is substituting the post,my friends now prefer the daily nation to the “past or post”

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