Confusion rocks PF indaba

BARELY 24 hours before the arrival of delegates at tomorrow’s Patriotic Front (PF) general conference, confusion has characterized the selection process of delegates to the ruling party’s second general conference.

And a PF devotee Paradius Sakala has said Acting President Guy Scott will be held responsible should the PF fail to win the January presidential election because he (Scott) was responsible for the confusion that has characterized the selection of delegates to the general conference.

Mr Sakala said the majority of the general membership and party leaders were against the general conference because they feared that the conference would be marred by violence and manipulation which would result into the party getting divided.

Mr Sakala said the Central Committee, MPs and the general membership of the PF objected to the holding of the conference because they knew that there would be an attempt to impose a candidate by Dr Scott by manipulating the list of delegates.

Meanwhile, Acting President Guy Scott has threatened to delay the PF congress scheduled for Saturday if it was true that there was a real danger that the congress would be violent.

Dr Scott said the PF general conference was secondary to the lives of the people and he would be forced to postpone the meeting if it was going to threaten the lives and peace of the country.

The confusion that has marred the registration of delegates yesterday forced the PF secretariat to hold an emergency meeting after some presidential candidates questioned the list to be used at the general conference.

PF officials said there was confusion in the manner the secretariat had handled the delegates’ lists from the new districts because some of the names for the delegates were found on more than one list.

“We have newly created districts which did not appear on the old list as district but as wards in a particular constituency. So we have problems with some names that are appearing more than once which is unfortunate. If we go ahead in that manner, there will be serious trouble and confusion at the conference,” said an official.