Reject cartel at congress-Changala

THE Patriotic Front (PF) must avoid electing any person or individual linked to the infamous and notorious cartel that was involved in the schemes of hiding and covering up the sickness of former President Michael Sata until he died on October 28, 2014, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has advised.

Mr Changala said the genuine members of the PF should rise and fight against schemes to auction the ruling party to members of the cartel some of whom were aspiring to be adopted as candidates for the January presidential election.

He said the reason why members of the cartel should not be adopted as presidential candidates was because after the January 20 presidential election, there shall be need for a commission of inquiry to investigate the true cause of President Sata’s death who was fit and performing his functions.

Mr Changala recalled that former first lady Christine Kaseba on August 13, 2014 while visiting Chinsali district, informed the nation that President Sata was fine and had never been in a comma-, refuting what she termed a plot by some online publication wishing the former head of state ill health.

He said Acting President Guy Scott had on countless times assured Zambians in Parliament that the late Republican president was fit and executing his functions normally and effectively and should therefore not be allowed by the PF to champion the selection of the successor to President Sata.

“My earnest appeal to Zambians especially those in the Patriotic Front is to avoid electing persons or individuals who were involved in the schemes of hiding and covering the illness and subsequent death of President Sata. These individuals are known. The reason they should not be considered for adoption to contest the presidential election is that after the election, there will be need for a commission of inquiry to establish the true cause of President Sata’s death. Dr Scott assured Zambians in Parliament that President Sata was fit and performing his functions and Dr Kaseba is on record having told Zambians in Chinsali that the former president was fine and not in a coma,” Mr Changala said.

He recalled that when President Sata was evacuated outside the country on October 20, 2014, the country was informed that the former head of state had gone for a routine medical check-up.

He wondered how President Sata who was only undergoing routine medical check-up could suddenly die, adding that Zambians deserved to know the truth about how the former president died when he was never sick.

He said the new Government that would be formed after the January presidential election would have to ensure a commission of inquiry headed by a credible and competent former or serving High Court Judge was constituted to investigate President Sata’s sudden death.

“Whoever misled the nation on the ill health of President Sata must face the wrath of the law. I urge the PF electoral college at the general conference this weekend to consider anybody belonging to the notorious cartel that had held President Sata hostage for the three years he was in power an enemy of the party and the country,” Mr Changala said.