The shambles

It is the lack of logic that is most disconcerting.

How can a party that has no membership cards, organize a national conference based on a register last verified three years ago?

To make it worse the Convention has no ground rules, no electoral commission and no election criteria because the Central Committee that should have crafted them was sidelined in the battle of wits and brawns.

Until yesterday delegates were registering at Government House, the official residence of the Vice President which from all accounts was being guarded by panga- wielding cadres who did not allow opposing groups to register.

That Government House can have panga-wielding cadres shows the degeneration to which our political process has descended.

How indeed could Guy Scott threaten to postpone the convention for another 10 days because of the threat of violence in Kabwe when he allows panga-wielding cadres in Government House?

What were the cadres doing in Government House and which side were they supporting? They were obviously partisan and their actions have a great bearing on the outcome of the Convention. Some of the officials turned away are the serving office bearers who should rightly attend the Kabwe indaba.

What kind of country are we to witness this charade that has the potential to create national instability?

Even in the best of times it takes months to organize any type of meeting, least of all a national convention that draws delegates from all corners of the country; takes time and effort to arrange logistics and above all verify bona fides to ensure that the right people attend so that the right decisions can be made.

Our main worry is; what criteria will the delegates use to select a Presidential candidate? What point is Guy Scott trying to make putting the country through this very painful experience which may very well sink the PF?

In a normal Presidential election a semblance of character and merit for the candidate is evidenced by the months of organization that precedes the final election. For example Mr. Sata traversed the country and made pronouncements on which the people were able to make a determination.

In the present case no such opportunity has been accorded.

This means that unless something drastic happens the highest bidder or planner will take the day. Already obscene sums of money have been changing hands. From all indications and reports individual candidates have taken it upon themselves to import entire provincial teams to vote for them.

Zambians will undoubtedly be praying that nothing goes amiss in spite of the potential flash points imbedded in the very process that has brought about the convention.

It is the hope of many Zambians that the Convention will give us very clear choices to save the country from any further crisis. The convention must either produce a candidate we can collectively loath and therefore seek solace in other parties, or choose one who we can collectively empathise with and seek to support.