PF infighting must not disturb democracy

The infighting in the Patriotic Front (PF) on who becomes party president should not disturb the entire country because there are other opposition parties ready to serve the country with dignity, says political activist Dante Saunders.

He said the PF should not divert people’s attention just because the party was not ready for the presidential by-election in January.

Mr Saunders expressed worry with the way PF members were conducting themselves when it was clear that the people themselves had a preferred candidate already.

He wondered why there were some members who wanted to bring confusion in a bid to buy time, when such a process of picking a candidate could have been done in a simple process.

“It is shameful to learn what is happening in the ruling PF where things are not in order. And that if the happenings in the PF were in opposition, it could have been a different story; which is unfair,” he said.

He said if the PF was not ready for the election; it would be prudent that they step aside and give room to opposition party candidates who were ready to serve Zambia.

“We have a lot of parties who can still perform well, other than the PF. Former president Rupiah Banda is there and he knows what it means to be a leader. UPND is also ready and others,” Mr Saunders said.

He said the breakdown of the rule of law under the PF was worrying as it was threatening the political stability and peace of the country.

Mr Saunders said the country was facing serious economic, social and political governance challenges, which should be addressed, but instead the ruling party had concentrated on their party wrangles.

He said the Government should realise that the country was experiencing a political crisis because of a leadership vacuum, and failure to engage in any form of meaningful dialogue could bring is harmony.

“We don’t want a state of emergency in Zambia because of the people who are not ready to lead the country; just because they want to promote their own agenda,” he said.

Mr Saunders further said the PF confusion must not affect the nation, because Zambia was a peaceful nation.