Scott wants chaos

ZAMBIANS should not allow Vice-President Guy Scott to cause anarchy and confusion because peace is precious, Patriotic Front (PF) senior leaders have warned.

And Patriotic Front (PF) national chairperson Inonge Wina has rubbished claims by Dr Scott that the just ended extraordinary general conference was illegal.

“We followed the law and article 55 of the PF constitution allows me to chair the meeting in the absence of the president and therefore all resolutions including the election of Defence Minister Edgar Lungu as president of the PF are binding,” Mrs Wina said.

Mrs Wina said according with the constitution Dr Scott no longer president of the PF and therefore had no power to convene any elective meeting.

She explained that article 49 (2) (d) allows the national council to approve candidates for the office of president while article 52 (1) clearly indicates that the president of the party shall be elected at the general conference of the party which had already done so at Mulungushi

The senior PF officials were responding to reports that Dr Scott had remained in Kabwe after the official general conference and was reportdly planning to hold a pararell convention at which he is expected to come up with his prefered candidate for the coming presidential election.

Mrs Wina told the Daily Nation that the general conference was called by Dr Scott but failed to attend the meeting and therefore could not nullify the results of his own meeting.

And Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has warned Dr Scott from continuing causing confusion in the ruling party because the general conference he had called had unanimously elected Mr Lungu as the PF president and adopted him as the candidate for the January presidential election.

Mrs Wina said the general conference and its deliberations were held according to the provision of the PF constitution and that Dr Scott was asked to come to the convention centre but declined for unknown reasons.

Dr Scott yesterday declared the election of Mr Lungu null and void, purporting that the PF Central Committee and the convener of the conference did not follow the stated procedure of the party constitution.

But Mrs Wina said the general conference had 5000 delegates and that every part of the PF constitution was adhered to in the election and adoption of Mr Lungu as the presidential candidate.

Mrs Wina said article 55 of the PF constitution empowered her to preside  over the general conference in the absence of the party president and the meeting she chaired was therefore legal and its results legitimate.

She said some media houses were publishing alarming stories that there was violence at the conference and yet the congress was peaceful.

She said those who were propagating falsehoods that the general conference had been rocked with violence had been shamed by the peaceful manner in which the conference was conducted.

And Mr Kalaba said the PF was happy that Mr Lungu had finally been elected president of the PF and urged the members to be ready for the campaigns because time was running out.

He said the PF had a good candidate in Mr Lungu and was confident that the ruling party was going to retain the presidency.

Meanwhile, civil rights activist Brebner Changala said Dr Scott had become a danger to the country’s political stability and national security and must immediately be stopped from participating in the country’s politics. And Mr Changala has demanded that former first lady Christine Kaseba should immediately vacate State House because she has wantonly started abusing State resources by turning State House into her campaign centre for her Patriotic Front (PF) presidential bid.

Mr Changala said Dr Scott should not think Zambians were stupid by giving him the privilege of temporarily presiding over the affairs of the country and should therefore be careful with his actions that had the potential to plunge the country into political turmoil.

Mr Changala said Dr Scott should come to terms that his preferred candidate sponsored by the cartel had been rejected and should therefore not risk the peace and unity of the country by going against the will of the people.

And Mr Changala has advised former president Sata’s widow Christine Kaseba to vacate State House because her partisan political activities were undermining the sanctity of the President’s official residence and working place.

He said Dr Kaseba was without shame and remorse, using State security and facilities to conduct her private and personal ambitions.

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  1. Zambians are the only africans who can tolerated this nonsense from a muzungu. Don’t abuse our good nature fake zambian. You cannot unite people therefore you cannot lead mother Zambia.

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