Security risk

Dr. Guy Scott has become a security risk and the greatest tragedy is that a number of prominent Zambians are following him without realizing the danger to which he is putting the country.

If he continues to agitate and abuse state power in order to achieve political ends, he will put this country at great risk.

Conflicts that have led to failed States in Africa have started on even smaller matters.

Dr. Scott’s crusade started with the condescending, humiliating and highly patronizing manner in which he treated the Central Committee which he dismissed offhand when they suggested the adoption of Edgar Lungu as the Presidential candidate. They knew what they were talking about. If he had taken heed of their counsel, the country would have been saved from the current debacle.

He instead relied on counsel from the cartel which has financial and political interests to protect and in the process and hoping for a different result he summoned the National Council and Congress to elect a president.

This was opening the race too wide and it is simple logic that you do not throw a cat among pigeons, because the outcome is obvious. The presidency is a coveted prize that was bound to attract even the most ridiculous of contenders and time wasters that were bound to cause confusion and therefore undermine the limited unity that the party was enjoying.

There was absolutely no need for the rancor, subterfuge and drawn out polemics over the Patriotic Front leadership when the founder President had already indicated his wish. Why dissipate energy to complete a term when there is an even  bigger election in 2016?

Any person with the slightest sense or gumption could see that it was impossible for the Patriotic Front, a party without cards and therefore without a centralized registration system, to conduct a verification exercise within three days in order to create an electoral college.

Even the most advanced countries in the world take time in preparing for elections because they are always a source of conflict and division better left to an opportune moment when the party or institution concerned has the time and luxury to heal.

This was not the case in this debacle.

The Central Committee used their collective wisdom and true to their allegiance to President Michael Sata endorsed Edgar Lungu because he would serve as a unifying, rather than divisive factor.  Opening the fray in this critical hour would not only serve to undermine party unity but would indeed open the possibility of PF losing the elections in January.

Not that too many tears would be shed for this eventuality, but that the cost and ramifications would spread over the entire country to embrace many innocent men and women who would suffer as collateral damage in the ensuing intra party conflict.  

Zambians should not be misled by Dr. Guy Scott. He is no longer Patriotic Front president and has no power to convene a meeting of the National Council and Congress required to elect a president.

Article 55(b) of the Patriotic Front constitution allows the national chairperson to conduct the affairs of the party in the same manner as the president when he is absent.

It is now the duty of all Zambians to ensure that peace and tranquility are maintained and safeguarded against individuals and groups of people who might want to promote anarchy and confusion for very selfish reasons.

The cartel will not rest until and unless they put a compliant and submissive candidate in State House to reprieve them from their financial crimes. They have seen the weakest links in our governance system and are exploiting them.

The happenings in Mulungushi have taught us as much.



2 thoughts on “Security risk

  1. No, this article is misleading. Guy Scott is just following the law, and you can see that all the 9 candidates except 1 are rallying behind and holding a legally sanctioned convention. Its all about the law and procedure.

  2. Again, missing the point, the lungu assembly was chaotic and uncivilised. I hope Lungu can go back to the legal convention and win on that platform.


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