Stop using Govt facilities-HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says Patriotic Front (PF) leaders should immediately stop using Government facilities to settle internal party wrangles.

Mr Hichilema said using Government House to hold party meetings and functions has never happened in the history of Zambia and should be stopped forthwith.

He also said the use of Kohima Barracks in Kabwe by Vice-President Guy Scott to resolve matters relating to the party’s extraordinary general conference was unacceptable.

Mr Hichilema said this at a press briefing attended by among others veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga and wife of former Minister of Finance Katele Kalumba, Lumba.

He said the PF leadership should not involve soldiers in their internal matters because it had nothing to do with them.

“Stay away from the barracks; don’t contaminate our men and women in uniform,” Mr Hichilema said.

He said conflicts in PF had negatively affected service delivery in Zambia adding that farmers who supplied maize to Food Reserve Agency (FRA) had not been paid their money.

Mr Hichilema said instead of bickering and fighting each other, PF leaders should refocus their energies to making arrangement to ensure free and fair election on January 20, 2015.

He said PF should create a conducive environment for the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to ensure free and fair elections.

“The ECZ is obliged to conduct a free and fair election and PF must not attempt to manipulate the election,” he said.

Mr Hichilema directed UPND Members of Parliament and those from other political parties to start recruiting volunteers who would be able to safeguard votes to avoid rigging. He said his party would put in place a consortium of experts as part of measures to stop PF from importing dubious characters from other countries to rig the election.

Speaking at the same function, Mrs Kalumba said she decided to endorse Mr Hichilema because his party was united and not violent.

She was tired of the PF Government and its leaders’ fighting for power adding that the talk of tribalism in UPND was “nonsense”.