FODEP counsels VEEP

ACTING President Guy Scott must show mature leadership and use this moment to unite the ruling party members to avoid chaos in the country, says Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director MacDonald Chipenzi.

He said the PF Government had   eroded many people’s confidence in the way they have handled the transition period both internally and externally after the death of President Michael Sata in London on October 28.

Mr Chipenzi said the confusion, uncertainties and indeed the unending squabbling among members, especially the senior officials, was extremely uninspiring and unfortunate.

He said the PF delays in choosing their party flag carrier – president – in the January, 20, 2014 presidential election would have a telling effect on their effective participation.

Mr Chipenzi said the situation where political parties, whether in the opposition or ruling party, were weakened by internal wrangling and misunderstanding, was bound to promote lawlessness in the country.

He said currently it appeared as though the governing of the nation had become secondary as all ministers were converged in Kabwe for a party conference at the expense of the national activities such as paying farmers and constitution-making process, among others.

“It is for this reason that FODEP encourages the PF that the earlier they resolve their current internal problems the better for themselves and the people of Zambia especially that they are a governing party,” said Mr Chipenzi.

He said there was need for PF to have a round table discussion to resolve their differences if the people of Zambia were to restore confidence in the ruling party.