Remove driving school from sports field

Some Libala residents in Lusaka have complained at the setting up of a driving school at Lusakasa Basic School sports grounds which they describe as a health hazard because the place has no toilet facilities.

The residents have criticized the establishment of the driving school in the school grounds which should be reserved for the pupils’ extra-curricular activities outside the classroom.

Mark Musendo, a resident of the area, said there have been increased school activities including sports whose field has been allegedly encroached on as well as sold off as private plots.

“How can we have a driving school on school premises? School grounds are supposed to be used for sports activities and not for other events that do not have anything to do with education.

“Now they are using the school security wall as a toilet, which is a health risk to the children,” he said.

Mr Musendo said that even if the owners of the driving school were paying for using the grounds, it was unacceptable to have a driving school in the sports grounds because it disrupted the school’s curriculum.

He said most classes have scrapped off extra-curricular activities due to lack of facilities.

“Now we do not even know where the children must go to play,” he said.

He has since called on the school managers to address the matter quickly and allow the children to enjoy their playtime and use the grounds as they wished.

“It is now the rainy season so they should let the grass grow and allow the landscape to maintain as a sports field,” he said.

He has also called on the area councillor Emmanuel Chanda to take up the matter with the school management and the local authority to investigate the operations of the driving school.