Sampa not PF president

MATERO Member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa should desist from masquerading as the Patriotic Front (PF) president because he has not been declared winner of the parallel general conference held in Kabwe on Monday, because there was a court injunction against the proceedings.

Germano Kaulung’ombe, a presiding officer at the Guy Scott parallel PF general conference, said as a seasoned lawyer, he had refused to declare Mr Sampa president of the PF because he was aware that there was an injunction and making such a declaration would be an illegality.

Mr Kaulung’ombe advised Dr Scott  to postpone the congress in deference to the injunction but that it was unfortunate delegates had been in Kabwe for a number of strenuous days and could no longer wait until after the court case was disposed of.

He told the Daily Nation that it was an illegality for Mr Sampa or any other person to claim that the Commerce and Trade deputy minister was the president of the PF although he had accumulated the highest number of votes because no one had declared him (Sampa) winner of the election.

He said it was going to be illegal for him to declare Mr Sampa president of the PF because the general conference had been halted by the injunction granted by the Lusaka High Court.

Mr Kaulung’ombe disclosed that he had a meeting with Dr Scott over the matter and clearly told him that he was not going to proceed to declare Mr Sampa the PF candidate because such an act would have been illegal.

Mr Kaulung’ombe explained that he did not want to surprise Dr Scott by refusing to declare Mr Sampa PF president and that was why he decided to inform him about the legal technicality that had halted the general conference.

“What transpired was that while the general conference was going on, there was a legal technicality that came up and if I had my way, I would have loved to postpone the conference. I informed the delegates that it would be illegal for the conference to go ahead. I had a meeting with Dr Scott and it was clear the delegates wanted to know how the vote had been counted.

“There was an order against the conference and as a seasoned lawyer; I could not commit the illegality of declaring Mr Sampa president of PF. So until this court process is over, Mr Sampa is not the president of PF because no one has declared him winner of that election,” Mr Kaulung’ombe said.

He said the delegates were agitated about the development but he stood his ground, telling them that if they wanted they could go ahead and declare Mr Sampa as their president without using him as the presiding officer.

“I would not want to get involved in any illegal act and as a seasoned lawyer, I understand these issues,” Mr Kaulung’ombe said.