Scott doesn’t mean well for PF-chief

ACTING President Guy Scott  has been accused of wishing the  Patriotic Front (PF) bad luck so that the party can die with its founding president, Senior Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni-speaking people of Chipata has charged.

Commenting on the leadership wrangles in the PF, Senior Chief Madzimawe said it was shocking that people he thought were level headed were now dragging the ruling party to its grave.

He said if the late President Michael Sata was to resurrect today and see how Dr. Scott was governing the ruling party, he would be shocked.

“As Zambians, we have vested interest in how you (Dr. Scott and PF) resolve intra-party succession battles in the PF party because you hold the instruments of power in Government.Your actions therefore affect every fabric of our nation.

“It is sad that people we thought were level-headed can behave in the manner Dr. Scott is conducting the governance of the country. Honestly, it is undesirable and unacceptable,” Chief Madzimawe said.

He said it was clear now that Dr Scott had no interest in the PF, adding that his wish was to see the PF go down with the founding president.

Chief Madzimawe said it was shocking that Dr. Scott and his group were now changing goal posts after Defence Minister Edgar Lungu won the election of the party as president.

He said Dr Scott should have told the people who was his prefered candidate to take over the PF from the late Mr. Sata.

“I want to warn Dr. Scott that the people of Zambia are watching and if these wrangles continue, that might see the end of the PF. I wonder what he wants to achieve by behaving in the manner he is doing?” said Chief Madzimawe. He said Dr. Scott should search his heart and exercise moral conscience before he plunged the country into chaos.

Chief Madzimawe said the recent events in the PF were shocking, disturbing and disheartening as they had the capacity to create anarchy in the country.

“The Scott we knew is totally different from the one we have today. We don’t know who is using Dr. Scott to fight Zambians, but what is happening is disturbing. Let him tell us whether there are people pushing him to create all these wrangles which have the potential to create danger to the nation,” he said.

And Chief Chisunka of the Ushi people of Luapula expressed shock about the wrangles in the PF.

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