Aids: Let’s upport the infected, says NGO

Zambians should be supportive to people living with HIV/Aids if the country has to reach the zero infection rate, Sisters for Real, an organisation looking after the welfare of people living with HIV/AIDS has said.

Chairperson Agnes Banda, said stigma and discrimination were a danger compared to the disease itself and that more sensitization was needed to ensure people living with HIV/AIDS in the communities led a normal life.

She explained that it was important people living with HIV/AIDS were included in trying to find solutions to reducing the scourge in the country. Ms Banda called on the donor community to continue partnering with Zambia in fighting HIV/AIDS until the country was able to fight the virus and its stigma on its own.

“If we are to halt the new HIV infections in this country and protect the vulnerable HIV negative youths, we need to start thinking seriously of how we shall as a nation tackle this HIV problem,” she said. This year’s World Aids Day was commemorated under the theme, “Zambia@ 50 towards zero stigma.”