‘Registrar must warn PF, MMD’

A Livingstone resident has challenged the Registrar of Societies to caution the Patriotic Front (PF) and the MMD over their continued intra-party wrangles.

And Keagan Chipango, a former Mulungushi ward MMD councillor and also Football Association of Zambia committee member has endorsed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for republican president ahead of the January 20, 2015 election.

Mr Chipango believes that the Registrar of Societies has the responsibility to caution political parties that are operating in conformity with the law.

He said the Registrar of Societies should warn the two political parties that are engulfed in wrangles to adhere to their political commitments.

“Much as the Chief Registrar of Societies is a civil servant, he or she has powers to de-register the PF and the MMD because of their continued wrangles. The chief registrar should rise up and give guidance to these two parties.

“I feel whoever holds that office should warn the two parties and if they don’t resolve their wrangles, then the parties should be de-registered because the violence and infighting being witnessed can spill over to innocent Zambians,” said Mr Chipango.

He said what was happening in the ruling PF was a matrix, adding that Zambians were not interested in their wrangles.

“I personally blame acting President Guy Scot, Gender Minister Inonge Wina, PF election chairperson Sylvia Masebo and Southern Province Daniel Munkombwe for taking sides in the wrangles in the ruling party,”

Mr Chipango said.

And Mr Chipango has endorsed Mr Hichilema’s presidential candidacy ahead of the January 20, 2015.

“I am endorsing HH because the PF have failed and HH will get it on a silver-plate. Hakainde has managed to penetrate what used to be PF and MMD’s strongholds and we are seeing for ourselves as Zambians,” he said.