‘Scott must be impeached’

THE revelations that Vice-President Guy Scott deliberately and willfully organized a conference that had no quorum and proceeded to ignore a High Court order must compel Cabinet to impeach him (Scott) because he has become a security risk to the country, says Civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

He said Dr Scott was a law breaker and an anarchist who should not be tolerated because his actions had the potential to make the country ungovernable.

Lusaka lawyer Germano Kaulungombe has maintained that the conference was illegal and has warned Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa to stop masquerading as the ruling party president because no one has declared him winner of the illegal election.

Mr Changala said the revelations by Mr Kaulungombe over Dr Scott’s deliberate breach of the law were a sign that the Acting President was neither fit to be the commander of the armed forces nor the custodian of the Constitution.

He said it has been proved beyond doubt that Dr Scott was not fit to act as president, commander in chief and the custodian of the Constitution because the man could with impunity violate the Constitution without remorse.

Mr Changala said Zambians had realized that Dr Scott was a law breaker and Zambians should rise and demand his immediate removal from the office of Vice-President so that he could cease to act as Head of State.

“It is now clear that Zambians have an Acting President who is a law breaker and chief anarchist. Dr Scott is not fit to be the Acting President, Commander in-Chief and the custodian of the Constitution. The revelations by Mr Kaulungombe who was the returning officer at the illegal general conference that Dr Scott was briefed about the injunction but proceeded with the meeting calls for immediate radical action. He must be arrested and prosecuted because he contemptuously ignored a court order,” he said.

Mr Changala has called on Cabinet to convene an emergency meeting to solely consider whether Dr Scott should continue as Acting President with the criminal misconduct he was exhibiting in his style of governance.

He said the country was in wrong hands and that there was urgent need for serious measures to be taken to address the crisis or the country would soon become ungovernable.

Mr Changala said Dr Scott’s unilateral and illegal actions had the potential to plunge the country into a civil war adding that unless the Acting President was removed, the country risked being balkanised.

“This country is getting balkanized by a clique of individuals now commonly known as the cartel and we need measures that can save the country from a civil war. Cabinet has powers to appoint from among themselves any member to act as president in the absence of a reasonable and ideal person. For sure, Dr Scott is not in full command of himself and I am short of calling for another medical board to examine his mental status to continue acting as president,” Mr Changala said.

And Mr Kaulungombe has admitted that Dr Scott’s parallel general conference was illegal because apart from failing to form quorum, the meeting had been halted by the court order.

Mr Kaulungombe told a media briefing at Mulungushi International Conference Centre yesterday that PF electoral college required 3700 delegates and that the barest minimum for election business demanded that the general conference be attended by not less than 1856 delegates.

He disclosed that the parallel general conference was only attended by 1127 delegates instead of the required minimum 1856 registered voters.

“Because of the concerns regarding the court injunction and matters relating to the quorum, we brought these concerns to the leadership of the PF. Despite the court order, voting and counting continued but I however refused to declare Mr Miles Sampa winner as I was in receipt of the court order which stopped the entire conference. I therefore advised strongly that Mr Sampa was not declared PF president and should not hold himself as such. I appeal to Mr Sampa to restrain himself and not refer to himself to a position he does not hold. Mr Sampa is not president of PF,” Mr Kaulungombe said.

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  1. Miles you are just wasting the resources Edger is the right person just suport him or else that will be the end of PF

  2. The court has alread ruled out Sampa you cant be a leader. leaders are not self imposed let others put you there.it is not your turn bwana continue with ur business of making money .may be the fear is you will be blocked.

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