Scott’s indaba failed the test,say PF members

ACTING President Guy Scott’s Patriotic Front (PF) general conference held on December 1, 2014 was shrouded in corruption and vote-buying by the cartel, former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s supporters have charged.

And some senior Patriotic Front officials who attended the general conference have charged that  PF election chairperson Sylvia Masebo and Dr Scott’s meeting in Kabwe of having failed to meet the required standard rules and regulations.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Ackim Phiri, a delegate from Chipata Central in Eastern Province said the playing field was unleveled because of vote-buying by candidates supported by the cartel.

“Honestly speaking the cartel was in charge of the general conference organised by Dr. Guy Scott, Bridget Atanga and Sylvia Masebo. People in support of some cadres  were being ferried into Mulungushi even at a time when they were registering delegates for voting. I am sure it is one of the reasons why Chishimba Kambwili withdrew from the race. The general conference was shrouded in corruption and vote-buying,” said Mr. Phiri.

He said there was no verifiable voters’ register as the aim was to rig the elections.

“For instance, GBM organised over 200 delegates but less showed up during the voting. Some people were intimidated while others were given money to go away. Our candidate (GBM) was the most popular at the general conference but we were not allowed to verify the registers of the delegates to know whether they were the correct one.

“We were also aware that some delegates were not on the list because they did not come from the party structures while others had camped at Government House to ensure that their candidate wins the election,” said Mr. Phiri.

Another delegate from Southern Province Peter Hamweemba accused Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe who was appointed chairman for the general conference of enticing delegates to vote for a particular candidate.

“No one agreed to the appointment of Mr. Munkombwe to chair the conference because we knew that he would be biased towards a certain candidate. Honestly, the election was a sham,” said Mr. Hamweemba. And some senior PF officials have charged that the Dr Scott organized general conference flouted rules and regulations.

One of the officials said the general conference did not meet the quorum of delegates to go ahead and conduct an  election.

The official said it was sad that PF leaders were working under pressure from the cartel.

“We explained to the Acting President Dr. Scott that it was important to serve the nation rather than certain individuals whose interest was not for the people of Zambia. But you know when certain people are held by the loop, it is difficult to change them,” said the official. The officials explained that pressure on whether Mrs. Atanga was doing the right thing to go ahead with the conference or not forced her out of the group on the pretext that she was unwell.

“That is why you did not see her at the conference. Even at the time when the injunction was being served she was resting somewhere,” the official said.