PF has been destructive-Nalumango

ZAMBIANS are angry and have no sympathy for the Patriotic Front (PF) because it has been a party synonymous with violence and impunity, United Party for National Development (UPND) national chairperson Mutale Nalumango has said.

She said the UPND had become the most attractive and accepted political party in Zambia and that was the reason why it was attracting prominent personalities such as veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga, former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, Lunte MMD Member of Parliament Felix Mutati among others.

Mrs Nalumango said Zambians could no longer tolerate the PF because the ruling party had been a complete failed project which had left millions in misery because of the chaotic manner the leadership was managing the affairs of the country.

She said the tribal tag the ruling party had been using against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema had since been proved wrong and that regions like Northern, Luapula and Muchinga Provinces were more interested in mature and sincere leadership to govern and change their lives.

Mrs Nalumango told the Daily Nation that Mr Hichilema had been universally accepted by Zambians and that no amount of propaganda would change the people’s minds about who should govern the country after the January 2015 presidential election.

She said Zambians had rejected the tribal and ethnic talk because they realised that a certain group of individuals were trying to divide the country on tribe.

Mrs Nalumango explained that it was unacceptable for the country to constantly look at tribe each time they were looking for leadership adding that time had come for real change that would bring unity, harmony, peace and development.

She stated that the last three years of PF in government had been the worst as poverty and unemployment levels had more than trebled although the ruling party was boasting of having created employment.

“Zambians must never sympathize with the PF in any way because the ruling party has caused so much misery to them. In the last three years, the price of basic commodities such as mealie meal has more than trebled. They lied to Zambians that they were removing the subsidies to serve money but what we saw was that fuel prices shot up and it is the ordinary Zambians who get on buses that were hit the most. The PF has no message for Zambians and the only credible leadership is in the UPND through Mr Hakainde Hichilema,” Mrs Nalumango said.

She said Zambia’s foreign debt under the PF rule had increased to unsustainable levels and that only a disciplined and focused leadership would be able to reverse the negative economic trends.

Mrs Nalumango explained that Zambia’s economy was bleeding because the PF and its leadership had no plans and that allowing the current leadership to continue would be political suicide.

She said Zambians had witnessed the worst forms of violence under the PF and that Zambians were no longer free to interact because of the bad political environment that had been created in the last three years.

“All we have been subjected to is chaos, anarchy and uncertainty. We need to change this and we can only do so by removing the PF from government and replace them with credible and civilized leadership of Mr Hichilema. Mr Hichilema and all the other leaders who have endorsed him are doing so for the love of the country. They have seen how much suffering Zambians were going through and they have decided that they cannot continue looking with their arms folded. As politicians, we must aspire to better the lives of the people we serve,” Mrs Nalumango said.

She said Zambians must continue denounce the hate speech being propagated by the ruling party and preach peace so that the country can heal from the political and economic wounds inflicted on the poor citizens.