Post ordered to stop projecting Sampa as PF president

THE Post Newspaper has been with immediate effect ordered to stop referring to Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa as Patriotic Front (PF) president because his (Sampa) purported election has since been declared null, void and illegal.
The Post newspaper has been warned that it risked being cited for contempt if it… would continue projecting Mr Sampa as the president of the PF.
In a letter to the managing editor by HH Ndhlovu & Company dated 4th December, 2014, the Post has been directed to respect and regonise the consent judgment delivered by High Court Judge Mungeni Mulenga which declared the Defence and Justice minister Edgar Lungu as the duly and validly elected president of the PF.
The letter signed by Tresford Chali said that despite the consent judgment which declared the purported election of Mr Sampa illegal, null and void, the Post newspaper had willfully and deliberately continued to refer Mr Sampa as the PF president.
The newspaper has been accused of having blatantly disregarded the consent judgment by its continued reference Mr Sampa as the PF leader.
On Wednesday, Judge Mulenga declared Mr Lungu president of the PF and a sole candidate of the ruling party for the presidential election next month.
The court also declared as illegal the PF parallel general conference held on Monday this week at which it was purported that the deputy Commerce minister was elected president president,
“Our instructions are that despite the consent judgment in cause Number 2014/HP/1906, which declared our client as the PF president, you have willfully and deliberately continued to refer to Mr Sampa as PF president.  Our instructions are that you cause to stop referring to Mr Sampa as the PF president with immediate effect. We have further instructions to issue contempt proceedings against yourselves should you continue without further recourse to yourselves,” the letter ordered.
It said that the consent judgment had been widely covered by the Post newspaper but in blatant disregard, of the judgment, the newspaper continued projecting Mr Sampa as PF president when the general conference that purportedly elected him had been declared illegal as it did not form a quorum apart from having been blocked by a court injunction which Vice-president Guy Scott ignored.